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The 13th Ghost  (c) 2017 XanthorXIII

You are an specialist in Ghost Removal and are renowned across the world in your abilities in removing
the pesky afterlife that doesn't want to move on from their previous life.
As you step off the Train in town you can see that you have your work cut out for you, Ghosts are everywhere!
Taking your trusty Ionizer 9000, you proceed cautiously into the town.

Install instructions

Just download the Zip file to a folder of your choice, unzip the file and run the executable 13th Ghost

Object of the Game
Clear Ghosts with your Ionizer. Each ghost you zap will earn you points for that level of ghosts.
You'll travel through the town from the Train to the Haunting Mansion at the end and back again.
You must go through the town in 32 Levels to clear the ghosts completely. If 13 ghosts escape during a level, that will
be the end of your career and the game will end. 

At the end of the game, if you score a high enough score, you may put your name among the most reveard 
ghost hunters in the world.


Arrow Keys moves the Ionizer Aim Recticle around the screen.
Spacebar Fires your Ionizer 9000. You'll need to lead a little bit to hit the ghosts since it will have to travel to hit them. 

R Key resets the current game back to Level 1.

Q Key Quits to the Main Screen

ESC Key will Quit the Game Fully if you get too spooked by the Ghosts


13thGhost.zip 14 MB

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